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Isaac's Founding Fundraiser Drive

$465.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00


I'm excited to be organizing with Rights and Democracy to win better supports for workers, marginalized members of our communities, and our environment, and I need your help!

We live in a beautiful and amazing country - we also live in a land where millions are struggling every day.  Where millions of workers don’t get a single paid day off a year, where there’s no guarantee for most parents of paid maternity or paternity leave, where college puts kids in massive debt and healthcare still threatens thousands with bankruptcy, and where racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia is an everyday reality for millions of our fellow citizens.

Despite all this, I know that our country, our state, and our towns are full of compassionate, thoughtful, and hardworking people who really do want the best for their families and their neighbors. I know many of our hearts are in the right place, and if we can channel our innate kindness to enact better policies that override greed and shortsightedness, we can make huge strides in building more just policies and communities.

With Rights and Democracy I will continue to work in our communities to empower marginalized people, the disenfranchised, the working class, to organize and push the system to find balance.  Without balance, I think we’re all aware of what the future can end up looking like.  

I hope you will help fund this important work, thank you!