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Elise's Fundraising Drive

$100.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00


Hey friends,

As many of you know, in August I jumped on the opportunity to work for an organization called Rights & Democracy. I had just finished up a year serving as an AmeriCorps member in Chittenden County, and was seeking a job that would allow me to continue making a difference in Vermont.

I come from a long line of hard-working Vermonters. Though I’ve lived in Burlington for almost five years now, my roots are in Hardwick, Vermont, where I was brought up in a working class family. I moved to Burlington as a first-generation college student to attend the University of Vermont.

College served as a moment of realization for me, and as the catalyst that moved me to want to dedicate my life to creating change. For while I was learning about all of the inequality in our society and the world more broadly, I was also learning about individuals and collective movements that have sought to, and succeeded, in creating positive social change throughout history. I learned that massive inequality is not inevitable, but that poverty in the face of excess wealth is the result of a system created by people, a system that can also be reshaped by people who know we can do better.

I’m excited to be working with Rights & Democracy because I am passionate about engaging people – especially fellow youth – in the political process to create a true Democracy, and a system that benefits us all, and not just a select few.  Each week, I talk to hundreds of people in communities across the state that are tired of the status quo and want to help create change. I would love for you to join as well. Please take a moment to make a donation and help me in the fight for a Vermont that works for all Vermonters (and, of course, to reach my fundraising goal).

Together We Win - Let’s make this happen!



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